Heaven on Earth

Sep 12, 2021 by Renee Linnell
It seems we are being asked by the Universe to figure out how to stay aligned with our own Path regardless of what others are doing or not doing. It feels to me like this is our Work right now. And it is challenging.
It is so easy these days to look at what others are doing or not doing and decide to use them as our reason to be out of alignment with our own Inner Being. Which is crap. We will never have control over what others are doing or not doing. The only thing over which we have control is our own mind. The more we can stay centered, the happier we will be. Now is the time to bring dedication and discipline to our focus, to our attention. So many of us (myself included) are sloppy with our focus and with our thinking. Our work right now is to keep our focus on what we do want and to do everything in our power to make it happen. 
If we are scared about our health, what can we do to stay healthy? What changes can we make? Rather than project our agency onto others and decide that we can only be healthy if “they” do this or do that (which makes us powerless, afraid, and angry as hell,) we can take our power back and create changes within ourselves to ensure we are the healthiest we have ever been. Each one of us knows the changes we need to make. Why are we so reluctant to do so? What is that about? 
If we are angry and upset about our freedoms being taken away, we can look at where in our own lives we are making excuses for not living freely. We can write down all the places where we think, I wish I could, but I can’t, and we can start to address each area . . . I know it’s scary; change is always scary. But if we only had one more year to live, would we stay in this job, this marriage, this house? Would we keep making excuses for living small? Or would we make massive changes? Would we keep putting off learning a new skill/language or would we sign up for classes today? Would we keep fantasizing about travel or would we pack a bag and just go? We know where we are making excuses for not living our dream. Why are we so reluctant to stop complaining and start truly living?

I’m writing this because I have been having my own struggles. Most of us are used to being able to change outside circumstances so that we are able to feel better inside. If we pay attention we will each realize there is at least one situation in our life right now where this is no longer an option. In order to feel better we must change what is happening inside now. We are all being asked by Source to upgrade big time. Which means change. Which means out of our comfort zone. Which means uncomfortable. 

Part of us wants to whine and moan that we can’t or it’s too hard or it’s not right or it shouldn’t be this way. But, we have two choices right now: spend our precious Life Force Energy railing against something or someone “doing something to us,” “holding us down,” “keeping us caged,” or get quiet and still and do the deep inner work of discovering once and for all that the door to the cage is unlocked, we simply need to ask for clarity and then make the shift inside us.

The sooner we can stop blaming others, the sooner we take our power back. The sooner we can stop making excuses for why it’s easier for others than for us, the sooner we can create change that will make us love getting out of bed each morning. The sooner we can stop wishing it would be different, the sooner we can fully embrace what is and thrive enough in our current situation to raise our vibration to one of clarity and see the steps we need to take to walk out of our cage. All we need is the self-love and determination to take one small step today, and then one more, and then one more. 

As a human race, we seem to be separating into those who want more controls in order to feel safe and those who want fewer controls in order to feel free. Maybe we will be able to successfully divide ourselves into states and countries that cater to one side or the other. But, more likely, we will all be in this crucible until we learn to take control of our own lives; take control of our own bodies and our own minds. This means carefully curating what goes into our body and mind. And it means developing the strength to hold our focus on all that we want, versus all that we don’t want. It means having the tough conversations with our loved ones in order to finally feel free or safe. It means finding the courage to make changes.

All that is happening right now is a catalyst for humans to Awaken. And Awakening means realizing we are here in these human bodies by choice. We can leave at any moment. So, if we are choosing to stay, why are we choosing lives that don’t thrill us? Just because everyone else does? Awakening means realizing we are Divine Beings of Light. We are not beings of disease. Our bodies are miraculous self-healing machines. We know this. Instead of hating these precious, amazing, incredible bodies, waging war against them, criticizing them and wishing they were different, why not start loving them? Exactly as they are.

The only reason we hate them is because the media needs us to in order to sell us their products. We have been brainwashed into hating them. Why not take our power back, take control of our mind back, and learn to love them? Awakening means we realize that we create worlds with our mind. When we change our thoughts we change our world. And Awakening means understanding that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. The more we love, the faster we heal, the higher we rise, and the better our life gets. 
This isn’t easy. If it was, we would all be Enlightened. It takes effort and constant vigilance. We must catch our thoughts each time we are focused on what we don’t want instead of what we do. We must catch our thoughts each time we criticize ourselves and others. It takes work. But, my Goddess, isn’t it worth it? Imagine being able to walk through this world happy most of the time. Grateful for all we have rather than obsessed and pissed off about all we think we lack. Imagine being able to love our brothers and sisters regardless of what each one believes? Imagine being able to be kind and patient with each other? Imagine being able to be kind and patient with ourselves? Doesn’t that just sound like Heaven?