Jun 08, 2021 by Renee Linnell
One of the biggest gifts we have been given is the power of our mind. It literally has the Energy That Creates Worlds running through it. The Buddha said, “With your thoughts you create the world.” Why is it so hard for so many of us to truly get what this means?

I watch people I love waste so much of their precious Life-Force energy railing against what other people are doing. They are pissed off when driving, pissed off when shopping, pissed off when on social media. Leaking precious Life-Force energy in this way. Spewing it in all directions like a hose with holes in it. There will always be people that anger and annoy us. We live in a world of opposites. We live in a world of diversity. Why not stop using others as an excuse to be out of alignment and instead focus our mind on what brings us joy? Do you see how that is a much better use of the Creative Power of Mind? Do you see how then, like mending the holes in the hose, one can direct all of his/her Life Force Energy in one ferocious spout towards what one actually wants to manifest, towards what one loves

Imagine being handed a blank canvas and every color of paint possible. You are told to create your own Masterpiece; to add every single thing your heart desires in this life, that when you finish painting it will all be yours. You are given a full 24 hours to do this. And imagine spending all that time walking around looking at other people's paintings and criticizing them. When the 24 hours is over your canvas is still blank. You get nothing. What a waste of time. What a waste of Life. 

We are brothers and sisters. We incarnated together, to do our Earth Walk at the same time. We are meant to co-exist. To find love for ourselves and for one another. To honor our differences. And to follow our heart. Life would be so much easier for all of us, so much more enjoyable, if we could simply jump in the Stream of Life and focus on where we want to go, notice all the beauty along the way; instead of yelling at every single branch or bush or fallen tree standing ready to snag us on the sidelines. Fighting with it. Railing against it. Telling it how wrong it is. If we could stop trying to change the world and simply focus on what brings us joy, the world would shift.