The Power of Taking Responsibility

Aug 17, 2023 by Renee Linnell
Last night I had a dream about an Abraham Hicks talk I once listened to. Esther had just bought a brand new Denali, left it with valet parking, and returned to find the back window smashed. The car was less than a week old. I want you to let that sink in and imagine your reaction before I tell you hers . . . 
Esther--being on the forefront of teaching Law of Attraction--took the keys from the sheepish valet, looked him in the eyes, and before he had a chance to say anything said to him, “I take full responsibility for happens to me and mine.” She said he looked at her like she was a freak of nature. Which she is. Because she truly believes--and lives the results of--"our thoughts create our reality.” 

She then went on to do the inner work of discovering why she would have manifested having her back window smashed out (as she drove from LA to San Diego, struggling to hear herself think over the incredible noise of having a trash bag taped over the huge hole in the back of her brand new car.)

She discovered that in an area of her life that had been causing her pain, she had been “going backwards.”  All the frustration and anguish was happening because she had been refusing to let go of the old and jump into the new. She whooped with joy once she had this epiphany. 

I bring this up because so many of us are struggling in our lives and so many of us want to blame outside circumstances (other people, the world, our partner, failed systems) for our problems. This gets us nowhere. And it puts us in Victim Mode where (thank you Law of Attraction) we keep creating more victimhood and . . . nothing can change. So we just keep experiencing (creating) more of the same. 

I just finished the book Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, PhD and it has beenlife changing for me. She posits that some part of our subconscious secretly, kinkily, loves all the anguish and pain we create in our lives when we continue to perpetuate our self-destructive patterns. 

Here is a quick blurb:

Existential Kink is an amazing, rapid shadow-integration process . . .that’s all about dissolving negative patterns by being willing to uncover and celebrate the previously unconscious pleasure we actually—paradoxically—derive from those ‘yucky’ patterns.” (And by negative patterns she means:)
  • Not being able to make more than a certain smallish amount of money each month, no matter how hard you try.
  • Perpetually dating people who end up bearing an uncanny resemblance to one of your abusive parents.
  • Feeling stuck with certain health and weight conditions.
  • Having intuitive or creative blocks.

I ask you--in the window of yesterday's magical new moon--could you be open to the idea that you are far more powerful than you realize? Could you be open to the idea that you co-create with the Universe everything that is happening in your reality? And could you be open to the idea that when you signed up to incarnate here on earth you wanted to experience all the emotions, so some part of you actively seeks out and creates struggle, hardship, drama, and pain?

Could you be open to the idea that you hold the key to your cage--and there are shifts you can make within if you truly want the freedom you so vehemently claim you desire? 
There is something so liberating and so empowering when we take ownership of everything that is happening to us (as Esther did.) She could have been angry, yelled at the valet, sued the valet company, gotten wrapped up in a lawsuit that lasted for months or even years . . . But, instead she took responsibility, had a powerful epiphany, and whooped with joy. Wouldn’t life be so much more fun if we approached it that way?