Singing In the Rain

Nov 04, 2023 by Renee Linnell
I’m back in Argentina and it’s cold, windy, and pouring rain, so I spent the whole day inside. And I started feeling blue. I’m tired from traveling and suddenly I wished I had not left the comforts of home.

So at 6:30pm I forced myself to go outside to get dinner. My right eye is bright red—I don’t know why—but it looks terrible, and I can’t wear make-up. So, make-up-less, and tired, and feeling down, I went out into the cold rain.

And passed someone singing as he walked along. I smiled, so glad I went outside. Then I passed another man singing. I crossed the street just as two young girls came around the corner side by side, singing.

And just like that I felt better!

The media wants us to hate each other. And it’s so easy to do if we isolate or stay inside glued to our screens. But the second we get out of our heads and go out into the world, things change.

Four strangers lifted me up today. Without even knowing they were doing it. Now I’m settled near a window in a cozy cafe, watching the world go by. I’ve been attended to by a lovely server. I’m awaiting a delicious meal. And my heart is once again filled with joy, my spirits lifted—red eyeball and all—simply because I made the decision to go out into the rain.