Fully Bloomed

Sep 19, 2021 by Renee Linnell
I’m sitting here looking at these tulips and I had a sort of epiphany:

So many of us know there is greatness inside of us. We know we were born to Light up this world and to do something spectacular. And yet, we don’t know what it is, where to start, how to get there. So we stay stuck. Waiting for clarity. And we sit in anguish. Because we are living a small life while our soul keeps whispering, “You are meant for more.” We see others living their best life and we wonder why it’s so difficult for us to find our Way.

But, these tulips tell me a clearer version of this story. Today they are at their biggest bloom. Tomorrow the petals will start to fall off and they will go in the compost pile, their lives over. And the epiphany is this: yes, when they were tiny little seedlings they knew that they were meant for greatness. They knew there was more to them than just a little seedling. They had visions of one day not being tiny and green, but being magnificent and orange.

What if they had spent their whole life in agony because they had not yet bloomed? What if they spent their whole life in trauma and pain because they hated being small? What if they were mean and pissed off because they saw other already bloomed flowers and kept comparing themselves? Hating and missing all of life on earth, just waiting for the day they got to show the world how incredible they truly are? Well, the day came. It came today. And tomorrow they die. Meaning this: we leave Planet Earth when we have completed our mission here. So why are we in such a rush to complete this mission? Can you see how crazy that is?

Yes, we will bloom. We must. Yes, we will live our fullest life. We must. However, what is the rush? What if, like the tulips of the fields, or even the tulips of the grocery stores, we trusted in the process. . . and instead of living in agony focused in fear and dread on the future, wondering how to create a fully bloomed version, we trusted the process, enjoyed the moment, and did what called to us? Did what inspired us. Wouldn’t we then have more fun?

What if we offered our small green version of ourselves to the world each day? Trusting that was enough? And trusting that only in offering our small green version of ourselves will we be able to one day offer our fully bloomed orange version? Wouldn’t that be more fun? Because then we’d be living. We’d be offering our gifts daily. And we wouldn’t be comparing small green us to one-day-fully-bloomed-orange us. We would understand that if all the plant beings on this planet weren’t willing to be here less than fully bloomed, we’d suffocate. How’s that for making you want to offer your gifts, small and green, today?