Apr 09, 2022 by Renee Linnell
I just watched the new Matrix movie on the plane and two things really stood out to me—enough to write about them.

One, there is a scene where Morpheus says humans spend their whole lives upset/anxious about not having what they want and terrified of losing what they already have. What a recipe for hell, right? Just ponder that for a moment. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that statement is true. And once we acknowledge it, we can pull ourselves out of that pattern—shift it to “grateful for what we have and excited about what’s to come.” Drop the anxiety. Trust instead.

Second, Trinity. 

She has forgotten who she is. She doesn’t remember being a motorcycle-riding-assassin-Light-Warrior-badass. She thinks her name is Tiffany and that she is a wife and mother of two. Think about that for a moment. Notice the difference in vibration just between the names “Tiffany” and “Trinity.” 

We are all Trinity thinking we are Tiffany. We have forgotten Who We Are. We have forgotten where we came from. We have forgotten that we are Eternal Beings of Light who do not die and that we can create anything we want with the power of our mind. We bought into all the paradigms we have been force fed since we were kids: we can’t make money doing what we love, life is hard, our body gets sick easily and we need Big Pharma to keep us well, we have to do what the Government says . . . if we don’t stay in a “until death do us part” relationship we are shameful and bad. On and on it goes. These beliefs render us powerless. They make us poor, sick, depressed, and diseased.

Trinity, when she is Trinity, lives in the world, but is not of it. When she goes into The Matrix she knows she can be anything she wants to be. She needs guns, she asks for guns. Lots of guns. She needs a cool outfit, she gets a cool outfit. Watch the opening 54 seconds of the third Matrix (The Matrix Reloaded.) That badass woman has somehow forgotten who she is and thinks she’s just a housewife in a bad marriage with two bratty kids. And nothing more.

How do we call back our inner Trinity? There is a scene towards the end of the movie where her husband is calling her “Tiffany” and she snaps. “I have always hated that name. Stop calling me that. My name is 'Trinity'.” She says. And she wakes up. Regains her power. Turns back into Light Being Warrior Badass Trinity. 

We know what we need to do. Each one of us does. Our energy is so powerful. Our mind is so powerful. Instead of being wishy-washy victims in this Game Called Life, we have to take our Power back. Figure out what we want, line our energy up with it, and go for it.
There is a scene in the first Matrix, in the opening, where Trinity gets trapped for a moment, fights her way out, and then finds out agents are all over. She doesn’t whine and moan about it. She doesn’t waste time waiting to be saved. “Shit,” she says. And then she takes off running. Her only escape: jump from rooftop to rooftop and then aim for a tiny window, sending her body through it after an impossible jump. She makes it, rolls down the stairs, lands with a hard thud on her back, and then says to herself, “Get up, Trinity. Just get up.” She gets up and keeps running.

She doesn’t even turn around to see if an agent with a gun made the jump and is about to kill her. She knows she has to keep going and she does. She’s not a whiner and she’s not a victim. She doesn’t complain that life’s not fair. She doesn’t say, “Why does this always happen to me? Why do other people have it easier?” She just gets shit done. Hard shit. Impossible shit. She sets her mind to what she wants and she gets it done. Period. And she does it in elegance and style.
Can we think of her? When we start to get victimy? When we find ourselves not wanting to do hard things? When we feel ourselves wanting someone else to come save us? Can we feel into the difference in vibration between “Tiffany” and ‘Trinity”? Let Tiffany and her mom-jeans go, call in Trinity with her sunglasses, leather pants, badass and boots to come take her place? I’m telling you this: the world does not need more Tiffanys. It needs Trinity. In needs us to step into our Power and do what we came to do. Now. With elegance, a smile, style, and grace.