I Wish We Could Love

May 01, 2022 by Renee Linnell
I think those of us who have seen through the Covid scam since the beginning need to be patient with our brothers and sisters who still have not.
I follow people on social media who believe as I do, who see as I see. And yet I notice lately how angry they are. How polarizing. Dehumanizing those who believe in Covid as “sheep” or worse names.
I don’t agree with getting injected with an experimental vaccine made by companies who go out of business if we all become healthy. I don’t trust them, and I actually believe the vaccines are meant to kill people or cause a life of illness and dependency on pharmaceuticals.

I believe it has been obvious from the beginning that this whole thing was nonsense. That cruise ship back in March of 2020 showed us all we needed to know: 3800 people trapped on a boat with Covid, most of them over 70. And the death rate was 2 people—weeks later. Same as seasonal flu.

I believe forbidding people from going to the beach or out on their boats (in an effort to keep people safe) was obvious and glaring “foul play afoot.” The face masks and the concept of asymptomatic people spreading a deadly virus--nonsense. The paying of hospitals $17,000 per "Covid death" a serious red flag. And all of the contradictions: "It's deadly, but most people have no symptoms," "everyone has to get vaccinated, but the vaccines don't stop you from getting or spreading Covid," "If you don't get vaccinated you are killing people, but you have to get vaccinated every few months or you aren't protected." I mean, all of it was so ludicrous. And yet billions of people bought into it. And are still buying into it. Even as the vaccines are not preventing them from getting or spreading Covid and are obviously making them sicker. 

I don’t understand it except to say: they are learning what they need to learn. At their own pace. Hating them doesn’t help anything. Judging them and labeling them doesn’t help anything. Calling them “fucktards” and saying they are getting what they deserve is hateful and cruel and doesn’t help anything. My heart breaks each time I hear of strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, bells-palsey, POTTS, cancer, miscarriages, and death in those who are triple and quadruple vaccinated. And yet, it is their right to continue injecting themselves. 
I wish we could all just let each other be. Turn our energy inward. Focus on lifting up ourselves. Focus on building lives we love. Instead of spewing and wasting all our life force energy hating. 

The media wants us to hate each other. The goverment does, too. Same with the World Economic Forum, WHO, CDC, etc. But, we have the power to control our own mind. We have the power to curate what we watch, listen to, and read. We have the power to command our own attention. Why are we falling for this? And falling for it so easily? When I read the news, I hate. I do. I hate this world; I hate the people in it. When I close my phone or computer and go outside, I love this world and I love the people in it. Seems simple and obvious to me. One action creates hatred. Another creates love. Which one do I choose? 

I read a quote once that said, 'Good people bring out the best in others. Bad people bring out the worst." Let's please all pay attention a little bit more. Let's please stop being pawns. Let's turn off the media and go outside and love our planet and each other.