Muzzles and Lockdowns and Curfews, Oh My!

Jan 02, 2021 by Renee Linnell
People think the lockdowns and the masks and the social distancing are going to end once the vaccine is available to all. It makes me sad that they can’t see what’s really going on here.

Doctors and scientists who speak out against the mainstream narrative are being censored; hospitals are incentivized $29,000 per patient that dies if the death is labeled a Covid death, no matter what other underlying disease was already present; Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are now listening to and watching us** through our devices and adding links to the Covid mainstream narrative whenever the word is mentioned. They are tracking what we click on and feeding us news that only depicts the side of the argument we have already identified with, which leads us to confirmation bias, which kills independent thought and the ability to acquire new wisdom; and they are censoring anything that goes against the mainstream narrative (so if you want to share this blog, do it quickly.) 

We are now being tracked by our phones, muzzled, deprived of our right to run our businesses and speak our voice, and police are patrolling the streets enforcing curfews. I simply cannot understand how this is okay with so many people, how they are not noticing, and how they think a vaccine is going to change things. We have given up our freedoms, willingly, in the name of being protected from this “deadly virus.”

It’s time to ask ourselves: how many people do I know who have died from Covid? Just Covid. No underlying other illness. And then do the math. Think of how many people you know and then how many people you know that Covid killed; get your own statistic in this way. Then do world population, close to 7.8 billion. Do the math again. Knowing that a huge number of the supposed Covid deaths were elderly and those already diseased. But, even if you take the “Covid death count” as the news portrays it, again do the math. Now look at the cruise ship back in March. The one where 3,700 people were stuck on the same ship with a Covid case. Most of those people children or elderly (over 70 years old.) All of them stuck together for two weeks. Do that math. This is a virus that is killing the same amount of people as the seasonal flu.

The doctors who are being censored are pointing out that the yearly flu vaccine and pharmaceuticals are making people more susceptible to having a rougher time with the virus.*  They are complaining that the hospitals for which they work are forcing them to label non-Covid-deaths as Covid deaths, in order to get the payment. Their videos and posts are up for hours, sometimes only minutes, before they disappear entirely. The same people who are going out of their way to frame Covid as deadly are the same people making billions of dollars on our fear. I simply cannot understand why more people are not seeing this.
Covid is SARS/MERS and comes around every few years. We need to be exposed to it in order to develop immunity. The same way we need to be exposed to the flu. Those who get the flu vaccine yearly deprive themselves of their own body developing their own immunity to each year’s flu and spin off strains. How is it possible that so many of us have forgotten that the Creator who made our body made it able to heal itself? We watch our cuts heal. We all have experienced our miraculous body go from ball of cells to fetus to infant to child to adult. We witness our bones heal. Why is it such a stretch to believe our body can rid itself of disease when treated properly? If we don’t ingest poisons and pesticide-laden, chemical-filled, genetically modified non-food--and if we process our emotions and traumas properly and don’t stuff them down and ignore them--our body pulsates with Life Force Energy that will expel any dis-ease.
Yes, when a bad flu or virus comes around, elderly people will die. Yes, people whose bodies are filled with illness and disease and stagnant chi will also die. But this is population thinning. It’s survival of the fittest. If a soul is so weak and so depressed that it cannot nourish itself properly, it actually wants to Transition to Non-Physical, it just doesn’t have the courage to do so; a virus like this helps it go.
Hate me all you want for saying these things, but please start doing the math yourself. It all comes down to math. And your own mind! Facts and numbers from your own life. How many people do you know that have died from Covid alone? 

I’m okay now with muzzles and lockdowns and curfews and the global elite tracking us and manipulating us and making billions from it. Because to not be puts me in hell. This is our reality now. And I’m just chalking it up to life on earth, where so many of us are so afraid to truly live our lives that we hand our agency over to others and say, “You tell me what to do.” It’s crazy to me. I will never understand it. 

But, this seems to be how it works here on earth and now I’m on board with it. Again, I have to be; it’s our new reality. And I know something others seem to have forgotten: I can leave any time I want. Click my heels together three times and say, “There is no place like Home.” We are here by choice. We can leave whenever we want. But, we came here to be Free. Free. To live life how we choose. Not to be muzzled and censored and monitored and shut in our homes. 

Please, I beg you: open your eyes to what is really going on. Don’t be naïve and think when people get this vaccine all of this is over. There will always be illness, there will always be flus, and we have now set a precedent that the global elite can muzzle us and lock us down each time one comes around, which is yearly, by the way.

*Do this research on your own, as well; ask your friends who have struggled with Covid if they get the yearly flu vaccine and if they are on pharmaceuticals, or what their recreational drug use is; then ask the same of your friends who barely noticed Covid when they had it. And losing someone we love always smashes our heart to a pulp, but if we are honest with ourselves, those that die of illness are ususally ready to go; if you did have a loved one or loved ones who Transitioned to Non-Physical because of Covid, could it have been a blessing? Could Covid have been the angel that helped them move on? Our culture sees all death as tragic when death is just a part of life; we will all die, it's the only thing that is certain. And we never truly die. Our sprit is eternal. We only transition back to Non-Physical when we have fulfilled our purpose here on earth or need a break and want to go Home early. Covid is helping people with this process.

**Try this out for yourself, too. Have Instagram open on your phone and talk loudly about a product advertised on a friend's Instagram account that has not yet shown up on yours. Then notice the ad appear within a day or two. With Google start clicking on stories that tell you the opposite of what you believe. For example, if you are pro-Biden, start clickin on pro-Trump stories. Just for a few days. Notice your feed now gets different news. And, by the way, just by using Instagram we have agreed to their new terms of service. They now have access to everything on our phones and our computers, including all text messages and photos, plus they use the camera to watch us and listen to us. If you don't believe me, click on the new terms of service and read them. It even says they can see if we are not wearing a mask and remind us to put one on! I mean, is this really okay with people? I leave my phone off or in a drawer most of the time; I am lucky my lifestyle supports this. Or write the word Covid in a caption on IG and notice a link to the CDC automatically gets added to your post. It's so gross!