From Fear to Love

Jan 02, 2021 by Renee Linnell
It is so easy to be afraid right now, no matter what side of the Covid pandemic story you are on.

One side of the divide is terrified of getting a deadly virus and is on board with the protocols implemented for as long as it takes to “get this situation under control.”

The other side of the divide is terrified that we have willingly given away our freedoms and that this is not going to end when people get the vaccine, as there will always be new flus and new viruses. 

Each side “knows” it is right and hates the other side for “putting their lives at risk.”
Covid-is-deadly-believers think anyone not complying to the protocols are putting others at risk for death. 

Covid-is-manipulation-by-the-global-elite-believers don’t want to live in a world where we are muzzled and tracked and censored and deprived of our right to make a living; people who live for Freedom will choose death over a cage.
I, myself, would opt to leave my healthy body if this type of “safe living” is what humanity agrees to. 

So we are again at war with each other. Not feeling safe as long as those who believe differently than we do are around. 

And not understanding how anyone could possibly not “see” what we see so clearly. Parroting back statistics to support our cause, not even willing to see from a different lens.

How do we heal this conundrum? We all share the same planet.

I have a solution. I understand how people on both sides are afraid. I believe we give more energy to whatever we give our attention to, creating more of it. And I understand how fear kills and love heals.

So, my solution for all of us is this: focus on what you love. When you feel your mind being taken into fear, stop, and daydream a future you LOVE. 
Every. Single. Time. When you feel fear take over, stop and daydream a future you LOVE. 

No matter what is going on “out there,” we always have full control over what is going on inside our own mind. And the less we focus on futures that scare us, the less energy we give them, and the less we help manifest them. Worry, after all, is using our mind energy to create a future we dread. We have the power, each one of us does, to stop this. 

In this way, we are deeply living. We are taking all of the energy we have been directing towards anger, hate, uncertainty, and fear, and we are pulling it in, back to our center, filling up our heart with it, sitting still for a moment, and then changing our vibration from fear to love. Can you feel the difference? It sounds like a hum. Like a happy hum. Like, I'm done caring about all that chaos and instead I want to play, and love, and thrive, and do this and this and this . . .

This, My Loves, is how we change the planet. This is how we shift the consciousness of the planet from fear to love. This simple technique. I promise you, I am doing it with you.